What is Quartz Crystal and how is it used?

Unearthing the Fascinating Facts & Everyday Uses of Quartz

Quartz Crystals are everywhere.  They are all around us, even in the most commonplace of items – some of which may even pleasantly surprise you!  

In today’s blog, we will expound on the truly intriguing facts surrounding this gemstone, and examine the diverse ways in which it has been used by mankind for generations.  

Unearthing the Fascinating Facts & Everyday Uses of Quartz

What exactly is the Quartz Crystal?

Quartz Crystal, in its simplest form, begins its existence as an almost pure chemical compound: the Quartz.  Quartz is one of the earth’s most common minerals and is composed of two widely abundant elements, oxygen and silicon.  When the microscopic Quartz atoms combine, they form three-sized pyramids known as tetrahedrons.  It requires billions of these tetrahedrons stacking together to form a single, miniature crystal gemstone.

What are the Different types of Quartz?  

There are two types of Quartz: the Crystalline Quartz and the Cryptocrystalline Quartz.  Crystalline Quartz gemstones are notable because their crystals are visible.  Conversely, the crystals of the Cryptocrystalline Quartz are microscopic and therefore not discernable with the naked eye.  A microscope is required to ascertain the presence of crystals in this type of Quartz.  

You may be familiar with the names of the gemstones which fall under the banner of the Crystalline Quartz.  These Quartz, which are distinguished based on their colour and microstructure, include:

  • The (Clear) Rock Crystal: this crystal is colourless.  
  • Rose Quartz: as the name suggests, this quartz crystal is pink in colour.
  • Jasper: this Quartz crystal is opaque and often appears red or brown in colour.
  • Amethyst: a beautiful gemstone, Amethyst occurs as purple or violet in colour.

With regard to the Cryptocrystalline Quartz gemstones which may ring a bell, here are a few:

  • Jasper: primarily orange in colour, this stone may also appear yellow or brown.
  • Carnelian: this stone is oftentimes red in hue.
  • Onyx: another fascinating gemstone.  It often appears with alternating bands that are black and white in colour.

In addition to being truly stunning to behold, the uses of the Quartz Crystal far exceed its captivating externals.  Thousands of years of research has illuminated the vast scope of benefits and effectiveness innate within this versatile rock.

Unearthing the Fascinating Facts & Everyday Uses of Quartz

How are Quartz Crystals Manufactured?

Quartz Crystals are often extracted through a process known as open-pit mining.  Open-pit, also referred to as ‘open-cast’ or ‘open-cut mining’, is a rock or mineral extraction technique in which surface soils, and other materials, are removed to source the underlying Quartz Crystals.

This form of mining differentiates from other methods which involve tunnelling into the earth.  Open-pit mining is utilised when the requisite materials – in this case, Quartz Crystals, are found near the surface.

At Anas Crystal Care, we integrate actual shards of rock Crystals into each of our cosmetic products.  It is imperative for us that the manufacturing process of the Quartz Crystal, from excavation to the final stages of processing, is ethical and environmentally respectful.  

How do Quartz Crystals function in Mobile Phones, Laptops & Watches?

One of the most widely used functions of Quartz Crystals in the modern technological world is through its function within the Crystal oscillator.

An oscillator is a device which generates electrical currents or voltages, which vary in magnitude or position in a consistent and precise manner about a centralised point, through non-mechanical means.

A crystal oscillator is therefore one such oscillator which integrates the use of an actual crystal to generate a frequency designed to trigger an inverse piezoelectric effect.

In other words, when a voltage is released upon the Quartz Crystal, it changes shape.  Once the voltage ceases to be exerted upon the Quartz Crystal, it reverts to its original form.  This action causes the crystal to vibrate.

Eventually a frequency occurs stemming from this rhythmic, oscillating pattern.  Such a frequency is central to the functionality of digital circuits found in our mobile phones and laptops.

You may have also already (correctly) inferred that this precise frequency is core to the time functionality within clocks and watches.

What are some other common uses of Quartz?

The Quartz stone is integral in the manufacturing sector.

Silica is a key ingredient in Quartz, and Quartz is found in large measure in sand.  This aggregate is utilised in various industrial processes to form a host of products including:

  • Cement
  • Ceramics
  • Bricks
  • Glassware
  • Fibreglass

Unearthing the Fascinating Facts & Everyday Uses of Quartz

How is the Quartz Crystal incorporated in Cosmetics?

Many people may wonder: how does a Crystal factor into a skincare line?  Well, just as we discovered with concrete, glassware, watches, laptops and cellphones, it is all about what exists within this multifaceted rock that counts.

Quartz Crystals, as we have seen above, are rich in silica.  They also have an abundance of metallic ions.  These two components are both scientifically proven to provide significant benefits for our skin.

For instance, research shows that silica is essential in the production of collagen.  Collagen is a protein that maintains the elasticity of our skin.  It also helps strengthen our nails and hair follicles.

In a similar vein, the metallic ions contained within Quartz Crystals, have shown to provide a much needed layer of protection for our skin.  We are all aware of the myriad of external environmental factors which are detrimental to our skin, such as the sun’s harmful UV rays.  Studies have uncovered that these metal ions create a protective film once they make contact with the skin’s epidermis.

The infusion of Quartz Crystals into the Anas Crystal Care product line, is a revolutionary, groundbreaking application of this gemstone which gives further credence to its immense versatility.

The feedback on this integration of Crystals into the soaps, lotions and shower gels manufactured by Anas Crystal Care speaks volumes for this innovative product line.  One satisfied customer describes Anas Crystals Care’s cosmetics as: “Pure Magic!”  She adds, “I absolutely LOVE the products! I purchased the Hand Cream, Body Mist, Body Milk, Crystal Soap and Shower Gel.  My body absolutely loves this brand. Such a comfy, smooth feeling afterwards, and the scent is beautiful.”

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