Crystals in skin care products?! Yip, that’s right! Here are 5 Revolutionary facts that’ll make your skin glisten


Exquisite jewellery. Expensively-carved wine glasses. Elegance. Glittering beauty. Class! 

Up until very recently, these would have been the words which would come to mind if anyone said ‘Crystal.’ However, I was completely blown away to discover this gemstone’s versatility also extends to skin care products. 

You heard right - Crystals are literally being infused into everyday lotions and soaps! 

To understand this practice, we need to travel back in time, to an era of ancient dynasties (such as China and India) which had long ago discovered that Crystals, in their raw Quartz form, possess spectacular healing and restoratives properties. It was with this knowledge in mind that ANAS Crystal Care, a skincare company based in Amsterdam, (who are also the patent-holders for the technology which combines Crystals and Volcanic Water within their product line) opted to raise the bar and revolutionalise cosmetics as we know it.

Now you may be wondering - how does adding a piece of Crystal to my skincare product improve it, and more so: how does it enhance my skin? 

Facts which will transform your perception of these natural treasures, and propel you to bolster your very own holistic beauty regime.


First things first, our body needs to be safeguarded, and as our frontline defence, the skin has to be in tip-top shape so as to do this crucial job. According to dermatologist Dr. Heidi Kong, “the skin provides a barrier to protect the body from invasion by bacteria and other possible environmental hazards that can be dangerous for human health.” As protection is an important factor, it bodes well to learn that Quartz Crystal contains such vital properties. Studies have shown that there is a high concentration of metal ions within the whole Quartz Crystal. These metal ions in turn have the capacity to form a protective barrier or film when they come into contact with our skin. 

We will certainly cringe if we look down and notice our skin has become a cracked and arid wasteland. Hence our desire is always for supple, luminous skin. Not only do we look good, but skin with the right amount of hydration is healthy. The need for adequate moisture grows increasingly important, particularly for women as we get older. New York-based dermatologist, Dr. Judith Hellman explains that, “as we age, the skin is less capable of maintaining moisture, and age-related loss of moisture can cause more dryness over time,” Her advice to offset this is to ensure we employ daily moisturisation into our everyday beauty regime. Luckily the same metal ions found in Quartz Crystal, when merged with silica-enriched Volcanic Water, as is the practice with Crystal Care’s products, release the requisite hydration our skin needs. According to the ANAS Crystal Care team, “Silica is a mineral that holds the secret to great skin, as it has the extraordinary capacity to hold 300 times its weight in water, thus binding water in the skin’s cells. It also helps in the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen, keeping the skin plump and smooth.”

The US National Institutes of Health give us a great biology reminder in that the core functionalities of the skin, which is the body’s largest organ based on its size, are firstly to retain body fluids (without this, we would dehydrate), and secondly, to help stave off harmful microbes. This is why dermatologists the world over would advocate for proper skin care, which ensures that our body’s outermost layers are restored and optimised daily. We need therefore the right products to help us in this ongoing battle. Why scour the planet...okay, the cosmetic aisles...for synthetic creams, gels, you name it, when we can opt for a solution which has been forging in the heart of nature for centuries? As shown above, silica is a prime component of Volcanic Water. Silica is also found in Quartz Crystal. The restorative properties of silica are mind-blowing and integral. “Silica is one of the main components of our skin, hair and nails, and scientific research has shown that it has the ability to hydrate, restructure, relax and make the skin softer.” ANAS Crystal Care. 


Yes, you read that correctly. Not only do the Crystals in your skin care products have the components which protect your skin, but by utilising one of the lotions or soaps manufactured by companies such as ANAS Crystal Care, you are indirectly playing an impactful role in the protection of Mother nature! In a world which is growing ever more environmentally-conscious, we as consumers need to pay closer attention to the way in which our goods are made. “The (manufacturing) method applied...does not require prior extraction of metallic ions from the Crystals with physicochemical processes that are energy-consuming nor the use of additional chemicals to stabilise the formula. ANAS method includes exclusively natural sources and natural processes. This means that the production method is 100% environmentally friendly. On top of that, all Crystals come from sustainable mines and all ingredients are ethically sourced.” ANAS Crystal Care


Exquisite jewellery. Expensively-carved wine glasses. Elegance. Glittering beauty. Class! 

Having a déjà vu? Yip, you are in fact re-reading the start of this article. While affording genuine Crystal ornaments and dishware may not be possible for some, many might be amazed to find that this skincare line, made possible particularly from ANAS Crystal Care, will make your purse smile. It’s hard to imagine that body lotions and soaps with actual pieces of Quartz Crystal infused within them are competitively priced and can become go-to household products which will enhance your skin each day!

All in all, we thought it best to share these words with you, not only to illuminate your mind in the event you hadn’t heard of Crystal-based beauty products, but also as a great reminder of the need for us, the world over, to implement daily self-care. This practice is not only essential for our minds and inner wellbeing, but the way in which we treat our bodies is vital. 

No matter how 2022 is unfolding for you in a challenging and unpredictable way - don’t forget, you deserve to glisten: inside-out!

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