Numerology and Crystals

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

― Albert Einstein

Numerology is the study of the significance behind numerical patterns in nature and the deeper effect they have on our lives. Numerologists believe each number to have their own meaning and energy. It is essentially a science of numbers dating back to ancient cultures from at least 500 BC.

Some of the oldest evidence found of numerology in practice has been traced to these locations – ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, and places like Rome, Babylon, China, Japan, and India. The Jewish have also been known to practice their own system of Numerology called ‘gematria’ where they assign meaning to words based on numerical values.

While we see that Numerology is a concept practiced around the globe, it’s ultimately the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras who has been dubbed the father of numerology. He was captivated with the mysteries of numbers and dedicated much of his life to decode it. He strongly believed that this world we live in could be deciphered in numbers and by the power & patterns hidden behind them.

The connection between Crystals and Numerology

As we all know, Crystal healing is a powerful form of alternative therapy and meditation, where the practitioners use their stones for a variety of reasons from spiritual growth and chakra balance to relieving pain, anxiety, and bad energy.

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Now, coming back to Crystal and Numerology, there’s a number of Crystals you can choose from to begin your journey of self-discovery, but it’s even better when it’s guided by numerology principles.

Over centuries of practice, the art of divination and numerology has been able to formulate a list of stones that work best with particular numbers. When you use this formula to find your stone, you have a head start.

Let us look into it now.

How to find your perfect Crystal?

The way this works according to numerology is you find your life path number (don’t worry if you don’t know what this is or how to calculate it, we’ll show you) which corresponds to a particular stone. Life path number is the core of who you are and defines your life choices, making it similar to your zodiac in significance. This special number is calculated from your full birth date.

Say you were born on 13th August 1992, then your LPN would be 3. How we arrive at that is by separating the day, month, and year and adding their individual digits like this:

Day – 13th > 1+3 = 4
Month – o8 > 0+8 = 8
Year – 1998 > 1+9+9+8 = 27

If you get a double digit number, then you add them again so, 27 > 2+7 = 9

Now we add the concluding numbers 4, 8, and 9, so we get 4+8+9 = 21 > 2+1 = 3

And we have arrived at our Life Path Number with this simple exercise. Tadaa!

The Crystal according to your number

As mentioned above, each number has a particular Crystal that works for it best, these Crystals and their characteristics are –

  • 1 – Garnet: Independence, Courage, Strength
  • 2 – Rutilated Quartz: Balance, Security, Confidence
  • 3 – Amazonite: Creativity, Self-expression
  • 4 – Jade: Organization, Well-being
  • 5 – Aquamarine: Freedom, Courage, Adventure
  • 6 – Peridot: Harmony, Responsibility
  • 7 – Amethyst: Spirituality, Observation, Learning
  • 8 – Citrine: Success, Strength, Confidence
  • 9 – Rose Quartz: Love, Compassion, Healing

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