Introducing a world’s first: Crystal-infused skincare products.

It is scientifically proven that Crystals have beneficial properties for the skin. ANAS has created a patent technology that allows to bring all the benefits of the Crystals into cosmetic skincare in a totally natural and sustainable way.

The essence of the ANAS Patent is that its unique formula combines Crystal energy and Volcanic Water, among other all-natural and carefully selected for their origin, purity and potency ingredients. The Crystal and the Volcanic Water in every product provide a boost of minerals and ions that hydrate, restore and regenerate the skin. And everything is done with respect to the environment and Mother Earth.


ANAS products contain whole Quartz Crystals in them that consist of high concentrations of metal ions, scientifically proven to be beneficial for the skin. According to the scientific literature (Carretero & Pozo, 2010),metal ions protect the skin by creating a protective film when they come into contact with the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin. They also possess antiseptic properties creating an unfavorable environment for the growth of microbes.

The Crystals have the unique ability to transfer the metal ions to the actual product throughout the whole life of the cosmetic – they are simply activated with every use!

The power of the metal ions is further amplified by the use of strictly Volcanic Water in the ANAS products. Spring water from Auvergne in France, that has passed through volcanic stones, is enriched with minerals and silica. Silica is one of the main components of our skin, hair and nails and scientific research has shown that it has the ability to hydrate, restructure, relax and make the skin softer. And, apart from its skin care properties, silica also functions as the perfect conduit for the healing energies of the Crystals.


ANAS Patent is designed to equally nurture your Body, Mind & Soul – the three pieces that make a whole YOU and deserve the best holistic care.

The combination of Crystals and Volcanic Water offer deep hydration, purifying, restructuring properties and a highly anti-ageing effect. Both are rich in Silica, a mineral that holds the secret to great skin, as it has the extraordinary capacity to hold 300 times its weight in water, thus binding water in the skin’s cells. It also helps in the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen, keeping the skin plump and smooth. At the same time, the Crystals drive the bad energy away, detoxify and enhance body balance as they harmonize the electric charge of the body, leaving it supple, rejuvenated and stress-free.


The innovation of ANAS products does not stop at its novel formula. Metal ions are generally used in the production of cosmetics, exactly because they are bioactive ingredients and are considered highly beneficial for the skin.

The great difference with ANAS products is that the method applied to make good use of them does not require prior extraction of metallic ions from the Crystals with physicochemical processes that are energy consuming nor the use of additional chemicals to stabilize the formula. ANAS method includes exclusively natural sources and natural processes. This means that the production method is 100% environmentally friendly. On top of that, all Crystals come from sustainable mines and all ingredients are ethically sourced.