We give a new meaning to Crystals

ANAS is a Dutch/Greek niche skincare brand, world’s first patented skincare brand to incorporate a real piece of Crystal into the heart of all products. Combining the science of gems stones and their spiritual properties. Our unique products are made from rich oils and minerals. Through our patented technology all ingredients work together harmoniously making sure the Crystal continuously releases its nourishing minerals. Your skin will be cleansed, energised and silky soft.

Behind ANAS there is Anas

– Anas Putriss, owner and founder of ANAS Crystalcare


Back to nature

All of us are important and vital parts of Mother Earth. Our very existence is dependent on the well being of the world we live on. This is why ANAS Crystalcare only uses Crystal from sustainable mines and ingredients that have been ethically sourced.  

Making cosmetics unfortunately always damages the environment. That is why ANAS gives back 7% of its profit to nature. We support initiatives that focus on recycling plastic(s) and the restoration of the environment. We do this through our very own foundation: the ANAS Movement. 

“I want everyone to profit from my products: the customer, nature and the people I work with. My name is my brand and this is the ideology on which I run my company.” - Anas Putriss, owner and founder ANAS Crystalcare