Full Moon In Taurus

full moon in taurus
The Taurus Full Moon is shining brightly above us, and its energy continues to be a guiding light for the days ahead.

Reflect & Release 🌟
This Full Moon in Taurus invites us to reflect on the intentions and goals we have for ourselves. And to raise the question: Have we taken those practical steps to make our dreams a reality? Or have we stumbled in our journey?

It's okay to veer off course occasionally, but the true essence of Taurus is about persistence, determination, and getting things done.
Letting Go 🌱
Those old patterns of fear, procrastination, and self-sabotage—let them go. Now is the moment to release what no longer serves you. The Taurus Full Moon urges us to break free from the cycle of wishing and wanting without action. Embrace change, even if it feels uncomfortable at first. Remember, the most beautiful gardens grow from seeds sown with patience and nurturing.
Mindset Shifts for Action 🚀
To break free from the pattern of wishing and start doing, consider these mindset shifts:
  1. Embrace fear as a guide for growth
  2. Practice self-reflection to overcome self-sabotage
  3. Break overwhelming goals into manageable tasks
  4. Shift to an abundance mindset from a scarcity mindset
  5. Create a vision board for inspiration and visualization
  6. Seek accountability if you're prone to procrastination
  7. Cultivate patience as you work on your path
  8. Practice gratitude for what you already have, the progress you've made, and the lessons you've learned so far
By adopting these mindset shifts and embracing the energy of the Full Moon, you can turn your dreams into reality and break free from the cycle of mere wishing. With determination and a transformed mindset, you can manifest the life you desire!
We hope this newsletter finds you well and inspired. May the energy of the Taurus Full Moon infuse your days with determination, practicality, and the strength to chase your dreams.
Grounding, Determined,
"I am harnessing the magic of the Full Moon to release old patterns, embrace change, and take confident steps towards manifesting my dreams."
Selenite, Agate,
 Satin spar