ANASCRYSTALCARE Quartz Crystal Geode
ANASCRYSTALCARE Quartz Crystal Geode
ANASCRYSTALCARE Quartz Crystal Geode
ANASCRYSTALCARE Quartz Crystal Geode
ANASCRYSTALCARE Quartz Crystal Geode
ANASCRYSTALCARE Small Quartz Crystal Geode
ANASCRYSTALCARE Large Quartz Crystal Geode
ANASCRYSTALCARE Medium Quartz Crystal Geode

Quartz Crystal Geode

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Peace, purity, and harmony
A stone that feels like warmth. Something beautiful to share!

This Crystal Geode consists of two halves that come together to form a whole. It’s a valuable duo to keep all to yourself, or you could give half of it as a symbolic gift to someone you love.

One thing is certain: whether you share this breathtaking gem or keep it for yourself, this Geode is sure to purify, vitalize and strengthen.


About Quartz Crystal:

Quartz Crystal is the most powerful energy amplifier of all gemstones and is rightfully known as a Master Healer. The Crystal is able to absorb, store and release energy, effortlessly responding to your needs at all times. 

Owing to its strong healing and cleansing properties, we have put Quartz Crystal at the heart of all our skincare products! 


Give this Geode (or half of it) a nice spot near other gemstones you own because Quartz enhances the effect of your other Crystals.

An interesting thing to know: Geodes look just like another semi-spherical rock from the outside, but inside, they’re hollow and their cavity is filled with minerals and Crystals. They’re a treasure of nature with each one being unique. Therefore, the Crystal you receive may differ slightly from the example in the picture. But be assured, ANAS chooses the Crystal Geode with love and attention to cater to you.

Customer Reviews

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Max Giesberts
Geode home

Beautiful purchase. Love this quartz geode. Allways wanted one. Good quality for the price.

Hieronyma Six
Fantastische olie

Ik mis alleen een schroefdop voor de fles, zodat ik de olie mee kan nemen als ik op reis ben. Verder ben ik nog steeds heel tevreden over het product en zal het in de toekomst weer bestellen.

Musthave Crystal Geode for your Home

What a beautiful Quartz Crystal Geode. So happy with this purchase, I bought it to bring more balance between body and mind. I use the Quartz Crystal when meditating and studying. Furthermore, the Geode is close to my other gems in the living room which gives a beautiful image. I've also already given Quartz Crystal Geodes as gifts. Always happy faces.

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