Zodiac Signs & Crystals…What’s the story behind their Connection?

Ever been intrigued by the constellations?  How about the mystical wonderments of the world’s most enchanting crystals?  You are not alone.  In fact, if you travel back to very early civilizations, you would discover that mankind has for a very long time been fascinated by the interconnectivity between the stars and the earth.

Many writers over the course of history, and even so today, have tracked and captured this relationship and sought to even provide guidance as to which crystals are best suited for people, based on one’s zodiac sign.  Even us at ANAS Crystal Care, a line of skincare products that uniquely infuses quartz crystals into every product we sell, have shed light on this subject.

However, how did these elements come to hold such significance in the first place?  What are the most commonly-held beliefs behind them separately, and as combined entities?

Let’s start first by looking up to the skies:

Galaxy and constellations


Defined in modern times as pseudoscience, astrology is the belief that human events are related to the movements of celestial objects and has been around since (at least) the 2nd millennium BC.  Its foundations lie in calendrical systems as it has been used to foretell seasonal changes and interpret the movements of the cosmos as ordinances from divine powers.

Numerous religions and cultures have embraced the practice of astrology including the ancient Mayan kingdom, the Hindus, the Greeks, the Arabs, and the Chinese.  Elaborate systems have been created to predict future earthly events, based on what has been ascertained through the study of constellation patterns and their movements.

Moving along through the years to present times, Western astrology is perhaps the most recognizable to many today.  It is mostly grounded in horoscopes which are defined by Oxford as “a forecast of a person’s future, typically including a delineation of character and circumstances, based on the relative positions of the stars and planets at the time of that person’s birth.”

Many people use horoscopes to track their personalities (as well as those with whom they have relationships) based primarily on the date of their birth.

We will leave the stars for the time being, and return to the earth…delving beneath its surface to:

Quartz Crystal


This rock is multifaceted, to say the least.  According to our research, “a Crystal is defined as a solid material consisting of a three-dimensional periodic ordering of atoms, molecules or ions.  Crystals are formed by a process called crystallization that signifies a transition from chaos to perfection.”

Hewn from the earth, quartz crystal has been used in many spheres, from jewelry to sophisticated wine glasses and dishes.  Additionally, as mentioned above, shards of quartz crystal are placed into Anas Crystal Care’s lotions and soaps, from which their many powerful attributes are extracted, then permeated throughout the product.  The healing and restorative properties innate to quartz crystal form the pivotal reasons this particular rock has been selected.  Healing and overall well-being are also on the minds of those who seek out crystals for themselves and their loved ones.  

Akin to the constellations discussed above, Crystals also have a long-standing history in civilizations around the world that have experienced and lauded their tremendous properties.  Even our research has revealed that ancient Chinese and East Indian kingdoms have had profound knowledge about crystal elixirs that are documented in their texts which speak on the healing properties of the quartz.  

Stepping into the realm of astrology, however, we would observe unveiled below that it is the metaphysical and spiritual powers believed to be housed in crystals that form the draw for many on a path toward self-discovery, whilst seeking insight, restoration, purpose, and direction:

Interconnecting Astrology and Crystals

Crystal expert and holistic healer, Heather Askinosie, who is the co-founder of Energy Muse and the co-author of Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals To Tune In To The Real You has elucidated on the subject, explaining that: “healing crystals connect (persons) with the nurturing energy of the Earth.  Astrology aligns (them) with the mystical and ever-changing movement of the cosmos.  When (one) brings the two together, a journey of self-discovery begins.”  

There seems to be an apparent connection between the two which is explained further by the team at Astrology Answers, who write, “Clear Quartz is unique in that it can be helpful to all zodiac signs and for any of the seven chakras.  Known for its powers to amplify and enhance, this is a healing crystal unlike any other, and it can help us with learning to accept our circumstances, finding emotional balance and harmony, as well as reducing stress. “I am radiant and filled with light,” is its affirmation, and this multi-use crystal can assist in healing those of us with thyroid or immune system problems, trouble sleeping, pain, vertigo, and even with maintaining our memories.”

It is indeed interesting, and in fact quite telling that the more society has progressed, primarily through technological advancements over time, the more people still hold on to old remedies, beliefs, and practices on their quest for holistic living and well-being.  It becomes evident, unquestionably evident, that value is still found in nature and the elements around us.  Although our specific ailments and conditions may differ from those experienced by our predecessors, it is commendable that there are many who still turn to these ancient methodologies, which have been proven ‘tried and true for years!

If the connection between the cosmos and crystals interests you, and you wish to also discover more about our skincare line which was the first to take the revolutionary step of incorporating actual crystals into cosmetic products, feel free to learn more at ANAS Crystal Care.