Self-care Saturday

At ANAS Crystal Care we believe it is imperative to foster a healthy & peaceful state of Mind, Body, and Soul. When these three are in harmony, you can achieve anything you set your eyes on. And so, today’s article will be elaborating on why and how you can do it!

Self-care is important. Or so we’ve heard from many sources, but just how important? Truth is, it plays a key role in our overall wellbeing and performance. Most of us, prioritize everything except ourselves which in long term ends in burnout. Self-care is not a luxury that you need to earn and feel worthy of doing after you’ve taken care of everything thing else. No, it is actually an essential part of your routine that will enable you to perform at your absolute best in every area of life.

Some common benefits of adapting Self-care into your daily life: increased productivity levels, reduced stress & anxiety, looking and feeling better, increased self-awareness, improved mental health, a deep satisfaction every moment, and improved mood. 


Keeping your mind on your side is important for succeeding in any area of life, be it professional, personal, or social. To cultivate a healthy mind, keep your stress levels down, and have a positive mindset is the objective of ‘self-care for the Mind’. We can achieve this by practicing Yoga, meditation, & mindfulness. Having a self-care date with yourself where you do something that you deeply enjoy, be it writing, dancing, photography, basically, something that makes you feel alive is non-negotiable to have a healthy mind.

Writing out your thoughts really helps with self-awareness, In the long term, it lets you make progress with your mindset. Try taking up that journal, and penning down your thoughts. Maybe it will help you see some toxic patterns in your thinking that you need to work on or it might show you the true picture of how you really feel about something as opposed to what you think you feel.

Another important thing to stimulate your mind right is to have a positive self-image. The others can see you however, but what matters is how do you see yourself? A great way to boost your self-image in your head is by complimenting yourself each time you do something that was hard for you and by noting all the things you have done that you are proud of, especially on days where you feel down.

Keeping positive company around you is equally important for a growth mindset. There’s a reason they say that you are the average of the people you hang out with.


Your body is the home to your mind and soul. To not take care of it and expect an optimal performance by the other two is downright absurd. A computer operates less effectively when it is slowed down by a hot processor. So most of us will immediately shut down multiple programs and let it cool down before using it again and then take precautions to avoid such a situation in the future. Because hey, the laptop is expensive! 

Yet, we don’t extend that same behavior to our bodies. We push to the point of a breakdown which is just not feasible for a long and healthy life. Some of the basic things that each one of us must do, but often don’t are – exercising your full body daily from 30-60 minutes, sleeping 7-8 hours every night, drinking enough water, eating organic & healthy as much as possible, and using natural alternatives for products.

Once in a week, you must also catch a proper break from your busy life, where you can be in stillness and just recharge your body. Maybe book a weekly massage appointment or a reiki session, or just do good ol’ yoga with soothing music followed by a deep slumber.

All in all, it is imperative to not take our bodies for granted if we wish to live and die healthy & happy. 


If you’ve ever felt hollow and lost, despite being considered accomplished and well-off, it’s probably because your soul isn’t happy. How do we fix that? This one’s probably the most intricate to work on because it is more profound. The number one thing we need to do is make sure that we spend most of our life doing something that is aligned with who we are as a person, or what we call the ‘soul purpose’ or ‘calling’. That by itself is a sure shot solution to a lot of our lives’ miseries. Discovering this is the equivalent of discovering yourself. You will be much more inclined to take care of yourself when you have a purpose that keeps you going each day and a lot of us are missing that. 

The second thing to do is to give back to society & nature because we all live in a world where we are interdependent on each other to survive. Giving back can have many forms – it could be you choosing to donate a feasible portion of your earnings each month to the needy, or opting to live a clean life free of animal cruelty, maybe reducing your ecological footprint and, or doing social work on a day you see fit.

The world cannot be changed by one person alone, but we all can improve ourselves, our space, and our choices. And just by doing that, you will have done your part in leading a good life. 

Most of the ideas mentioned here are going to impact all three together because the Mind, Body, and Soul are not exclusive to one another but rather, connected. When you’re going through a rough patch in life, it often has to do with dysregulation in any one of these three elements of self.

We hope you make yourself a priority today! It will undoubtedly help you feel more grounded, happy, and connected to yourself & the world around you. 🙂