Our Amazing Crystal News: we won the Red Dot Design Award for our packaging!

Piece of mind. Piece of art. We are Crystal proud. Our packaging won the Red Dot Design Award in the category of Design Concept! And what an honour for us to receive a prestigious prize as the Red Dot Award, which is awarded annually in Berlin and pays tribute to the best product design in the world. The Red Dot Design competition is established as the most renowned design competition worldwide and has been bringing to light the most innovative design concepts since 1995. To win it is the ultimate endorsement of good, forward-thinking, innovative design and all the winning designs are displayed in the Red Dot Design Museums. Our spiritual child, ANAS Crystalcare, stands out thanks to its innovation: it is the first ever skincare brand to introduce products with a whole Quartz Crystal in their heart.

The Red Dot Award gives us one more reason to be proud of our products: their recognized, innovative aesthetic excellence. Every time you use your ANAS Crystalcare products you know that they offer balance, positive energy and harmony to your mind, body and soul; now you know they are also a piece of art in your space, elevating your mood in yet another dimension, that of aesthetic pleasure. Spyros Grammenos from the Anagram design team, Greece is the creative director behind the design of the ANAS products and, as he describes it, their packaging is inspired by the Quartz Crystal’s heptagonal shape and the products’ philosophy. As the products gradually reveal their treasured Quartz Crystal with every use, so are the boxes designed in a way that they gradually unfold and reveal information about the product.

You can read his interview about design and the award here. Anas Putriss, the proud founder of ANAS Crystalcare is thrilled about this unique achievement: “We are thrilled to receive a Red Dot Award in the year we launched our brand and our first Skincare line! It was a goal and a dream come true. We are grateful for this achievement and thank the jury for understanding our philosophy. This is what every design driven company strives for.” Credits: Design agency Anagram design/Grams design, Greece Creative director Spyros Grammenos, Greece Bottle design and production Sebastian Doermann, Daniel Chalabi, Moldplast, Kampas Labros, Greece, The Netherlands Soap design and production Sebastian Doermann, Panadora. Greece, The Netherlands Box print Fotolio, Greece Brand architect and copywriter Nicolas R., Dimitra Zakinthinou, Dimitri Spiliotis, Greece Photography Prisma Compositional, Pikon photography, Greece, The Netherlands Founder & Managing Director Anas Putriss, the Netherlands