Holiday Gifting Ideas

The holiday season is around the corner now. It’s getting chilly outside in the mornings, the autumn leaves are done falling, and the big family reunions are getting planned! We have compiled a list of thoughtful gifts and ideas for you to rely on. Read on to find out:

The Gift of Materials There are two types of gifts that are never really a miss

– 1. Things they really need and 2. Things they really like. If there’s something that they have been talking about for days or months, then surprising them with it would mean the world to them! It could also be something that’s bothering them, and if you could give them the solution to that problem, they will surely appreciate it.

The second best types of gifts are things they absolutely adore and can never get tired of. So perhaps, give your audiophile cousin a nice pair of headphones, or your skin-care-obsessed sister a beautifully wrapped, Crystal-infused, natural Self-care Set. 😉

The Gift of Action Actions speak louder than words. And that’s as true as it gets! Perhaps, someone you know just became parents and they’re always stressed out and busy. Maybe offer to take care of their kids for a day and give the couple some time to eat out. Or might be that a family member is going through a phase where they really need someone to be with them. You could give them a regular call to check up on them or make a self-care appointment for the both of you.

Getting your significant other tickets to a game or concert they would really appreciate is a good one too. This would show both that you know them enough to know their likes and also give you two the opportunity to make it a memorable day. The Gift of Time If you are the type to always be busy, then the best thing you can give to your people is some quality time with them. You can indulge in a few of or all of the below to nurture your relationships:

Plan a day out – Go to someplace you both enjoy & like, and spend a few hours there forgetting about the rest of the things. Could be the movies, a picnic out in the sun, a hiking trip to the hills nearby, or a day out playing baseball.

Share a meal – Eating together is hard to fit into the schedule when everybody has different types of work and engagements. But it’s important to try and make some time for a joint dinner this time around at least because that’s what the festivals are really about: Family and Traditions. Following it up with an after-dinner walk to share stories and laugh would be the cherry on top!

Go on a trip – A trip is perfect to really catch up and connect while also giving you a change of view. You probably know someone in your circle who could use a break, so maybe give them the push for it and make it a proper commitment for you both. The Gift of Touch When was the last time you really gave a long and sweet hug to your friends or parents? Or held their hand in a reaffirming manner to give them strength and comfort. Or planted a forehead kiss to let them know you value them.

Thing is, a simple touch can convey so much! Little kids seem to know these things and you will often see them being physically affectionate towards their parents and playmates. But just because we grow up, we don’t need to become more and more reserved. In fact, it is scientifically proven that a loved one’s touch can trigger Oxytocin (the body’s love hormone), giving you both a feeling of safety, warmth, and peace. With that, we conclude our article and hope you and your family have a delightful holiday season with lots of love, cuddles, and prosperity. 💗