Millions of people clamour for the ideal cosmetic product to solve their skincare woes.  Whether they wish to combat aging wrinkles, psoriasis, eczema, or simply desire skin which is healthy, moisturized and possesses an ethereal glow, there has, and remains, a definite growing market the world over for these products.

Now, let’s be clear: finding a cosmetic cream or lotion which solves your needs is one thing.  You also ought to be certain that whatever you apply to your body does not cause you undue damage nor harm.  For this reason, the world is witnessing a progressive thrust toward more holistic skincare alternatives.  And, whilst there is a plethora of products to choose from, it’s really hard to argue with (or challenge) any option which has been around for centuries, and which has been proving its undeniable value for generations.

And, yip – we’re speaking here about volcanic water!

Volcanic Water?  Tell me more!

First: a mini geography lesson.  We’ve all heard of (or seen) volcanoes.  However, did you know that they begin their lives as ruptures on the earth’s surface, from which molten rock, gases and ash emerge?  Repeated eruptions through the fissure from which molten rock is expelled, forge over time mountains which adorn almost every region on our planet.  La Bourboule, the ancient, thermal town in Auvergne, France is one such volcanic area that is renowned for a lot more than its breathtaking beauty.   For centuries nature has been working its magic in La Bourboule; filling its cavernous mountains with waters which are held to be amongst the purest and most mineral-enriching in the world.

Now, you may be wondering: what is the connection between volcanic water and healthy skin?  The answer, as elucidated in the four points below, is found in the components and location of these waters.

1. Pure Purity

“Pure Purity”?  Redundant yes, but we had to drive home the point of how majestically untouched these volcanic waters are.   Before we delve any further though, ask yourself: can you vouch for the cleanliness of the waters in the products you use?  It’s necessary for one’s skin to be hydrated.  Moisturisation after all is one of the first facets of a great skincare regime.  However, it defeats the purpose if the hydrating agent isn’t, (hmm, how can we put this delicately?)…up to scratch.  One trip however to the lakes of La Bourboule can ensure that you attest to the distinct purity of these waters.  The environment enshrouding the mountains is noted for its superior air quality.  One of the contributing factors for this is the height of these mountains.  Standing at an estimated 850 ft. this town is far removed from industrial pollutants.  This is why the region is renowned for being the healing destination for persons suffering from respiratory illnesses such as asthma, along with skin ailments including dermatitis.  Now, imagine this degree of purification infused in the water which graces your skin!  Who will now settle for anything less?

2. Silica-Enriched

No one would want a car that comes with all the external bells and whistles, but which cannot drive.  Similarly, you wouldn’t invest in a skincare product which doesn’t engender the healing and restoration you require.  Silica has been scientifically proven to strengthen your hair, skin and nails and stimulate growth.  Its restorative qualities also hydrate and resuscitate the balance to your skin.  This micronutrient further has the capacity to protect your tissues and cells against environmental hazards such as polluted air.  Now, the great news – and yes, you’ve guessed it – is that silica is a natural component of volcanic waters such as those of La Bourboule.  How fantastic it must be to own a product teeming with natural silica-enriched waters!

3. By Nature, this is Thermal Water

To understand the powerful attributes of this water, we need to firstly understand its journey.  The waters in volcanic mountains such as La Bourboule begin their journey as rain water which travels down thousands of metres through pores in the rocky mountains before resurfacing as springs, rivers and lakes.  As the water courses through the mountains it becomes rich in carbon dioxide and minerals.  These waters have been given the name “thermal” as they have undergone countless levels of natural filtration through the rocks, thereby emerging free from bacterias and pollutants.  They are found to be naturally composed of iodine, carbon dioxide and salts, which are noted for bringing therapeutic, restorative healing to the skin for generations.

4. It is the one ingredient your skin cannot live without

Every living thing on this planet relies on water for survival…even your skin.  Skin which lacks adequate water becomes dull, itchy and dry.  Dehydrated skin can even trigger the appearance of fine lines and surface wrinkles.  In short, and as mentioned above, it is integral for our skin (and bodies) to be adequately hydrated.  Skincare products are therefore incomplete without the nourishing, hydrating element of water.  Be sure to check the ingredients of any cosmetic cream and lotion for ‘water’ prior to purchasing.  To further drive this ingredient home, any product containing volcanic water would prove to be an unquestionable cut above the rest.  Whilst water is imperative, having volcanic water infused within your cosmetic line is sublime.

Ready for your very own Volcanic Water-infused Skincare lotions?

Now, you’re probably wondering where you can source skincare products which contain volcanic water – and more so, at affordable prices.  Thankfully, one of the best on the market is Anas Crystal Care.  Their skincare products are truly unique.  Firstly, they contain volcanic waters from the scenic La Bourboule.  Then, within each Anas Skincare product, is a shard of actual quartz crystal.   The combination of these two raw, sustainable natural ingredients is mindblowing.  Anas Crystal Care, who are in fact the patent-holders for the technology that extracts the multitude of benefits found within quartz crystal, has stated, “the Crystal and the Volcanic Water in every product provide a boost of minerals and ions that hydrate, restore and regenerate the skin.”  Specific to the volcanic water in their products, Anas Crystal Care has described the waters as “the elixir of life”, adding that this is “a special kind of water that can absorb the cleansing, calming and empowering energies of the Mineral Kingdom.”

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