New Moon In Taurus

This May 7th, the sign of Taurus invites us to slow down and root ourselves in the nurturing earth. Taurus, an earth sign known for its stability & security, offers us a moment to solidify our own personal foundations.
Taurus exudes an energy of calm assurance, a sense of inner strength and grounding. This New Moon, we are enveloped in Taurus’ soothing energy, giving us the perfect time to assess how are we building our lives — just how strong is our foundation?
The focus now is on progress backed by stability and inner strength.
A Ship Needs an Anchor
Like a ship in the vast ocean relies on its anchor to maintain stability amidst the unpredictable tides, we too must secure our own internal anchors to navigate the highs and lows of life. 
Without an anchor, a ship is not only likely to drift aimlessly but also risks capsizing when met with a strong tide or storm. Similarly, without a strong sense of inner security, we are like ships without anchors—vulnerable to being toppled by every external challenge or disturbance that comes our way.
Stability, Security,
"I am grounded and secure, ready to grow and embrace life to the fullest. I trust myself to deal with whatever life throws my way."
Emerald, Rose Quartz,


Finding Your Inner Anchor
This metaphorical anchor can be built in our own lives and it is built from our core values, the deep trust we place in our own resilience, and the practices that keep us grounded.

During this New Moon in Taurus, take the time to contemplate what constitutes your anchor. Is it your strong self-belief, mindset, or daily practices such as meditation & journaling that provide structure and reflection? Or are you lacking an anchor in your life?
A well-set anchor minimizes the chaos of the outside world, allowing us to face the uncertainties of life with a calm spirit and grounded mind.
Invest in these anchors, fortify them, and feel the steadiness they bring. As Taurus teaches us, security and stability form the bedrock of any fruitful endeavor and personal growth so it's key to build them.