Full Moon In Scorpio

This evening the Full Moon will rise in the sign of Scorpio inviting us to look deeper into ourselves. Now is a perfect time to reflect on our personal journeys, mirroring how the moon reflects the sun’s rays back to us.
Scorpio is a water sign, known for its deep emotions and strong intuition. Under the light of this Full Moon, we are encouraged to dive into our feelings and uncover what really moves us. It’s a chance to look at the hidden parts of our lives and find what needs changing or healing.
Reflect on Your Personal Growth

Think back to the last time we had a Full Moon in Scorpio, roughly one year ago. How have you changed since then?
Personal growth is important because it helps us become our best selves, and taking the time to reflect is how we see that growth. Ask yourself: What’s different about me now?
Introspection, Reflection,
"I am open to understanding myself better and making changes to grow."
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The Importance of Looking Within

Introspection—thinking deeply about your feelings and motives—is the key to personal growth. This Full Moon, challenge yourself to really examine your thoughts and feelings. It’s about more than just noticing what’s there; it’s about understanding why you feel certain ways and deciding if you want to change.
This might be tough, but it’s a powerful step toward letting go of old habits and making space for new ones.
  • What persistent thoughts or feelings have I been feeling, and what might they be trying to tell me?
  • In what ways have my actions aligned with my deeper values, and where have I fallen short?
As we experience the Full Moon in Scorpio, let it light up our inner thoughts and feelings. Let this time inspire you to ask deep questions about yourself and to embrace the answers, whatever they may be.