Full Moon In Sagittarius

Today, the Full Moon will light up the night sky, casting its beautiful glow from the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius, a sign ruled by the energetic element of fire, ignites our passions and encourages us to pursue our goals with enthusiasm and confidence. The archer’s arrow symbolizes direction, force, and focus.
Release the Bow and Find Your Mark
The imagery of an archer pulling back the bowstring, focusing deeply on the target, and releasing the arrow is what Sagittarius represents and that energy is potent during this time. This action is not just about letting go; it’s about setting our eyes on the mark with great focus.
As you reflect under the light of the Full Moon, consider the aims that drive your life forward. What have you been aiming for, and how can you release your efforts toward achieving these goals with greater precision? Sagittarius teaches us that every release of the bow is an opportunity to hit our mark, but it requires a blend of intention, foresight, and release.
Exploration, Precision,
"I aim guided by the fire of my true desires, and release my intentions to the universe."
Turquoise, Sodalite,


Aiming for Meaningful Targets 

With Sagittarius guiding our bow, this is an ideal time for contemplating not just our goals, but the meaning behind them.
Are the targets we’ve set for ourselves reflective of our true desires and the life we wish to lead?
Sagittarius pushes us to explore the deeper motivations that guide our actions. Use this time to delve into why you have chosen your current targets and if they still resonate with your evolving aspirations.
As you look up at the Full Moon tonight, let its radiant energy remind you that aiming high requires not just thought but alignment with yourself. This is a time to not only focus on where you will release your arrows but also to ensure that your aim is true to your authentic self.