Full Moon In Leo

Full Moon In Leo
Today, under the radiant Leo Full Moon, it's time to remind ourselves of our inner strength and unique qualities. Leo is all about leadership, compassion, strength, and love.
Naturally, this Full Moon urges us to be ourselves without fear, to acknowledge our journey, and to let go of parts of ourselves that keep us stuck in a loop and hinder our growth.
Embrace Your Unique Light
Under the wonderful light of the Full Moon, it's time to fully embrace what makes you special. Don't be afraid to be your true self. Take a moment to look within, acknowledge your strengths, and let your authentic self shine brightly. Too many of us keep ourselves caged in and make our most important decisions in life based on what we "should" do as opposed to who we really are and what values we hold. 
Celebrate Your Journey
We always mention that the Full Moon is a time to release, but, let's also pause to celebrate the incredible journey you're on.
Express gratitude for every lesson, achievement, and moment that has contributed to your growth. Your path is a testament to your strength and resilience and you must always remind yourself of it.
Power, Leadership,
Love, Authenticity
"I embrace my journey of becoming my highest self, shedding what no longer serves me, and radiating my unique brilliance."
Selenite, Agate,
 Satin spar
Becoming Your Highest Self
The Leo Full Moon is an invitation to elevate your existence, to embody your most authentic and empowered version. This process of transformation allows us to align with our higher purpose, while becoming the most authentic and empowered versions of who we can be. 
It's a journey toward self-discovery, self-fulfillment, and self-realization. Embrace this chance to rise above limitations, step into your full potential, and radiate your unique brilliance to the world.
Release What Weighs You Down
We often discuss the importance of releasing during the Full Moon, but sometimes we struggle to put it into practice. What it truly means is diving deep within ourselves to shed parts of ourselves that cannot accompany us on our journey towards becoming a better version of ourselves - our higher self. These can be limiting thoughts, beliefs, relationships, jobs, anything that makes you smaller than what you can be.
Just as a bird must leave behind what weighs it down in flight, we too must let go of what burdens us, preventing us from soaring to new heights. 
As you stand beneath the Leo Full Moon's gentle light, remember that you are truly amazing. You have the ability to radiate love, strength, and authenticity. Embrace your inner fire; it's the spark that lights up your unique brilliance.