Full Moon In Capricorn

Today's Full Moon isn't just any Full Moon; it marks the first of the two consecutive Full Moons we will have in the sign of Capricorn, a rare celestial occurrence. This Full Moon will also appear larger than usual and more colorful due to it's low position in the sky.
A Time of Celebration and Reflection
Full Moons symbolize culmination and release, and with Capricorn’s influence, this particular Full Moon invites us to celebrate our achievements while also taking a serious look at our life’s trajectory.
This is a moment to reflect on the intentions you set during the New Moon in Capricorn in the first half of January. Almost, half the year has gone by since then. 
Think about the milestones you’ve reached since then, acknowledging the steps you’ve taken towards your goals. This reflection is not just about reveling in success; it's about understanding the paths we have traveled and the terrain we have yet to cover.
Achievement, Reflection,
"I celebrate my progress, release what no longer serves me, and align my actions with my highest self."
Garnet, Quartz,


Reflect, Release, and Realign
What are the achievements that make you proud? What are the tasks or commitments you have continued to engage with because they bring value to your life? Similarly, think about the habits or beliefs that may be holding you back. Are there burdens you are carrying that slow your ascent? This Full Moon asks you to assess what is truly necessary for your climb and what is just weighing you down.
Engage in a deep and honest self-assessment. Identify the actions and choices that have propelled you forward, and recognize those that have detracted from your progress. This introspection should lead to release—letting go of any outdated beliefs, unnecessary guilt, or unproductive habits. Shedding these layers will not only lighten your load but will also realign your journey more closely with your true ambitions and values.
Let this rare Full Moon in Capricorn be a beacon on your journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Embrace the opportunity to celebrate your progress, to let go of what holds you back, and to set your sights on new heights.