Nieuwe Maan In Tweelingen

The New Moon on June 6th brings with it the freshness of Gemini, a sign renowned for its intellectual curiosity, adaptability, and communicative prowess. This is an ideal time to set intentions related to how we think, speak, and connect with others and most importantly, ourselves. 
A New Perspective on Internal Communication
As we know, Gemini is associated with communication. This New Moon would be a great opportunity to reflect on how we communicate with ourselves. Are your thoughts supportive and encouraging, or critical and limiting?
Supportive Inner Dialogue
When our self-talk is supportive, it acts as a nurturing friend. It can:
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Motivate us to pursue goals with enthusiasm
  • Help manage stress more effectively
  • Encourage a positive approach to challenges, often leading to better results and greater satisfaction in life
Critical Inner Dialogue
On the other hand, a critical inner voice can:
  • Undermine our potential
  • Elicit doubt and fear
  • Prevent us from taking risks or trying new things
  • Trap us in a cycle of self-criticism and missed opportunities, making growth difficult
By recognizing these patterns and actively choosing more affirming and encouraging thoughts, we align better with the adaptable and communicative spirit of Gemini. This allows us to transform not only our self-image but also our entire approach to life's challenges.
Communication, Curiosity,
"I speak to myself with kindness and encouragement, aligning my inner voice with my highest aspirations."
Quartz, Amethyst,


As the New Moon in Gemini rises, let it illuminate the internal pathways of your mind and encourage you to refine the way you communicate with yourself. Seize this opportunity to foster a more compassionate and empowering inner dialogue.