Piece of Mind

Body, Mind & Soul

We are Body. We are Mind. We are Soul. We are three core pieces making a whole. And, for the first time, these three pieces are coming together for a truly holistic skincare experience with ANAS Crystal-Infused products. Crystals are inseparable pieces of Mother Earth, charged with ions bearing balancing forces and they can nurture you, bringing integration and positive energy to all three pieces that come together to make a whole YOU.

The Anas Approach

All ANAS products gracefully integrate Nature with Science. The combination of the scientifically proven Crystal energy, natural ingredients and volcanic water result in exclusive formulas, elevating ANAS to a truly unique and innovative skincare brand. The extensive science, the global patent pending technology and the novelty behind each product offer a promise of harmony and revival from within.

the anas Heart

ANAS is the first ever patented cosmetics line to incorporate a piece of real Crystal Quartz from Madagascar inside all of its products. Crystal Quartz is known as the “Master Healer” and is considered the most powerful energy amplifier on the planet as it detoxifies and enhances the body balance. ANAS utilizes the powerful properties of Crystals by placing a whole piece of natural and purified Quartz Crystal in the heart of its Thermo-Volcanic Water-based formulas. The Thermo-Volcanic Water has the ability to absorb the energy pattern of the Crystal and eventually transfer it into the body. ANAS Crystal infused products work similarly to Crystal elixirs, targeting imbalances of the body.

Pieces to Complete
Your Ionised Skincare Ritual

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