The reason?

The Crystal’s extraordinary properties and benefits for both beauty and balance.

 THE ANCIENT WISDOM OF CrystalSFor many centuries Crystals have been used for protection, to clear auric blockages and energy. Quartz, a common mineral, is one of the first Crystals ever observed. The ancient Chinese and Indians had a wide knowledge of Crystal elixirs, and there are Vedic texts dating thousands of years back that mention the healing properties and uses of Quartz. The Ancient Greeks believed that Quartz Crystal is water frozen by the Gods, meant to remain solid forever; the word “Crystal” itself comes from the Greek word for “ice” (“krystallos” in Greek, meaning clear ice). In reality, a Crystal is defined as a solid material consisting of a three-dimensional periodic ordering of atoms, molecules or ions. Crystals form by a process called Crystallization that signifies a transition from chaos to perfection.