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Piece of Mind

In the heart of ANAS brand lies one core idea: that we are all ONE. Our connection with each other and nature cannot be doubted. And for this reason, we should treat ourselves, our bodies and nature as ONE. ANAS products are a premium, innovative, well designed and spiritual care system that naturally takes care of you and nature as ONE.




ANAS brand has a unique ability to rebalance us using natural ingredients and natural processes. We are born with the inherent ability to be healthy, vibrant, and beautiful. Somehow in the course of our lives, this ability is forgotten. Some of us even live cluttered, stressful lives, separated from our core. For centuries, Earth has been our balancing force. Like an enormous battery, it can give us all the energy and life force we have lost and need through its Crystals. The Crystals is what ANAS uses to reunite us with Earth, giving them a new use, one that is considered a breakthrough in the cosmetics field.


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We tap into the beauty and scientific properties of Crystals to create innovative Skincare Science that everybody can experience, any day, any time. Our unique, innovative formulas combine Crystal minerals that rebalance the skin at a cellular level, cleansed and charged, pieces of Crystals that are used whole and vibrate at high frequencies inside our products, volcanic water, rich in minerals and silica, and various other exclusively natural ingredients that have the ability to bring balance and clarity into our lives.

Our Values

Are Our

Best Ingredients

You won’t find them listed as ingredients in ANAS products, but our values are transcending all of our unique products and are the essence of our brand.

Nature. It’s where everything comes from, and our healing should come from there, too. ANAS is respectful to the environment and Mother Earth. Not only do we use natural ingredients and natural processes, but we also give back to Nature by donating 7% of our profits to  environmental causes through trusted NGOs.

Innovation. It’s part of our evolution, and ANAS practices it with humanity and know-how.

Purity. ANAS embraces Earth and the gifts it has to give and rejects all harmful chemicals, additives, contaminants and preservatives.

Uncompromised quality and excellence. Our commitment is to people and the Earth, and that is why we don’t cut corners when it comes to quality.

Integrity and ethos. ANAS has a strict code of honour which is the driving force in everything we do, from the choice of plants and formulas to the manufacturing process.

Compassion and caring. We believe that everyone has the right to health and beauty, and we work to make them accessible to everyone, offering affordable luxury products.

Body, Mind & Soul as one. These are three pieces that make our being – three expressions of the whole, interrelated, intertwined and inseparable. Addressing just one or two can only lead to imbalance. That is why, ANAS products in their essence, are a holistic, balancing approach to skincare.

Pieces to Complete
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